RX8 Nationals – 2010

I had a great time on Saturday at Wakefield Park for the RX8 Nationals. I was fortunate enough to be there last year to help with some driver training, but was unable to have a run on the track due to my car issues.

This time, however, it was going to be different! As well as helping out again with driver training (which I really enjoy), I was going to have a few laps on the track myself – get my track fix in the RX8 since the race car is long since gone (and no replacement in sight for the immediate future).

I met 30 odd cars there early on Saturday morning – and we wandered out onto a wet track to do a track walk. Not long after that, the first sessions were underway. My first session only lasted about 3 laps as a bit of oil overfill smoke spooked me. I came off, checked levels, went for a drive up the road and all seemed ok. I skipped the next session to do some more training and chatting, then came out again in the final session before lunch.

Track was dry by now, and I could have some fun. The RX8 is an amazing car! Great chassis balance, you’re doing something wrong if you can’t hit the apex, then really playful on the throttle to get some attitude in the car. I probably did 30 or so laps throughout the afternoon, never really trying to post super fast laps, but just having fun, enjoying the car, the stopping power (braking after the 100m marker on the back straight thanks to the AP calipers) and the glorious smooth revving rotary engine. Some photos here courtesy of Iggy Winarto

Coming onto straight - Photo Nath - aka Vanq

There were some great drivers there too – Saleish (sp?) aka. SKC and Clement aka. CT031 both setting times in the low 12s – unlucky not to get into the 11s. I was really happy – and probably a little bit surprised to JUST dip into the 12s on street tyres with a 1:12.96.

Which got me thinking… how good would one be as an IP car?! Drop 2 seconds by simply putting on the A048s (perhaps more) and you’re in the 10s – which will put you in the 2nd half of the O2L IPRA field. A little more development, weight saving, cage, suspension, power (PP anyone?) should take another couple of seconds off… perhaps more. Which puts you down into the 8s. Now we’re talking top 10 pace, without much extra development! Hmm… if only I had the money to do it! (Who will be the first??)

Anyway, here’s a bit of video action. Apologies for the poor angle and sound quality. It was a last minute decision to use the video so that’s what you’ve got! I thought about editing out the sound, but decided to leave it in to listen to that rotary rev!

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New Look

Ok, so I got bored with the old theme, and have applied this new one.

Job for tonight is to create a custom MY Racing header image… stay tuned!

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